Leading market features

Asset Vault provides a systematic approach to asset management the tracking is at your finger tips. Key features are listed below

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Complete list of all your assets.

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Know where your tools are at the touch of a button.

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Site Allocation

Know where your tools are 24/7.

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Scaning Feature

Scan asset from your mobile phone for quick and simple transfers and identification by using the individual QR tag that you allocate to your asset.

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Team Messaging

Message your team to organize different assets as required.

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Live Notifications

Stay up to date and get notified as assets are transferred between users.

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Maintenance Report

Receive maintenance reports to understand the true cost of assets and record of their history.

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Early Warning Maintenance

See notifications of when assets are due for service.

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Take photos for insurance and identification purpose.

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Document Files

Save Documents to the cloud to ensure they are there when you need them.

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Receipts Storage

Save receipts and proof of purchase for insurance and financial records.

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Warranty Alert

Know when the warranties are finishing.

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Android & Ios

Have access to all of the above information from your mobile phone. Scan/ transfer with a touch of your phone.

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And Many More Features


What our software can do for your company

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add new asset

Easy process to input a single tool or all your tools though a simple prompted page. Or contact us to arrange Excel batch import.

booking asset

Peer to peer System either book or reassign a tool in a couple clicks knowing that the process is being tracked and saved with notifications being logged and sent.

Live Chat

Live message the team to organize a tool at short notice or to organize delivery of an item. Fantastic for the team to be in touch in a current and live format in a industry where communication is key

Other Services

When importing the tool there is the ability to add photos, serial numbers, receipts and other documents you can track your tools with confidence making the process of claiming insurance easier and provides a true cost of your plant.

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Be confident in your tool spending, tracking of maintenance costs and the ability to view reports on one tool or have a snap shot over all your plant to help with insurance and budget forecasting.

Easy Payment

On line payment system either a one off annual payment or monthly subscription.


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our pricing

Best plans for you

Packages include unlimited support through our email help desk, free software upgrades, full user guides to assist with set up.


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